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GRACELAND: Memphis Nights


 GRACELAND:Memphis Nights  

                         A Musical Play                                       


"Life Doesn't Come With A Manual, It Comes With A Mother"   


 A daughter, who secretly dreams of leaving the small apartment she   shares with her overbearing, Elvis obsessed mother, to find success as   a singer/songwriter.

 A mother, who wants to make her daughter's dreams come true, and is   certain only she knows the way.

 The stranger who lives upstairs, a down on his luck record producer,   who has been looking for the next big "thing".

 And their building Superintendent, who just wants to fix everything   and  thinks he's found the way to make that happen.

Join them as they follow their dreams, all the way to Graceland: Memphis Nights.

Dinner/Lunch Show Tickets


        Main Floor

  Dinner/Lunch Show Tickets $74

                plus $5 per seat food & beverage tax & fees.


     Elevated Bx Tables

Elevated Bx1 Table

 1 Table, 2 Show Tickets      $164

  plus $5 per seat food & beverage tax & fees.


Elevated Bx2-9 Tables

 Double Sized Tables for Four$328

  plus $5 per seat food & beverage tax & fees.


Elevated Booth

 Double Sized Tables for Four$336

  plus $5 per seat food & beverage tax & fees.


 Dinner/Lunch includes Two Tasty Sliders, Signature Salad and Dessert with Complimentary Soft Drinks 

(Wine, Beer & Champagne available for purchase at our bar) 


Performance Dates




12, 13, 26, 27 & 28



2, 3 & 4


Friday & Saturday Dinner Show

Doors Open @ 6:00pm

Sunday Lunch Show

Doors Open @ 1:00pm

Season Tickets Saves You Money

And Guarantees Your Seats!

Due to the intimacy of our theater we do not admit children under the age of 10.


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